PROJECT: Mama Kevina Hope Centre for children with disabilities is located in Same District in Kilimanjaro Region Tanzania. It started in 2008 by LiGle Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi (LSOSF). It is a nonprofit making centre as it is only does a charity work of taking care of this special group of children. The centre takes care of the children with all kinds of disabilities. In 2021, we have had 35 children living in the centre, more than 10 children that we support which their school fees (they were resident children for Mama Kevina Kevina Hope Centre) and more than 200 living with their parents and come for therapy.

The centre provides the following services to the children with disability during the year 2021:

  1. Treatment: This includes surgery to the children to improve their physical situations, orthopedic, and operations, and medicine for those with epilepsy and other diseases. All the orthopedic, surgery, and operations takes place in the Referral hospital in KCMC, and Machame hospital and now day’s surgery can be done in the Same District hospital especially Club foot.
  2. Therapeutic exercises: Parents and caretakers of the centre are trained on how to carry out simple therapeutic exercises to the children by the Physiotherapist, and Community Rehabilitation Workers (CRW). The parents and children meet for two weeks every month for training and exercises. The activities take place in groups of ten to fiZeen children each week. For the year 2021 we had 263 children who came for therapy
Screening: The Physiotherapist and Community Rehabilita8on Workers visit the wards to meet the disabled children with their parents in order to educate them about disabilities, to see those
who could not afford to come to the centre and to identify new patients since some hide their children.
Diet to the children: The centre accommodates and feeds the children who are in critical conditions, because most of the families are not able to buy and provide basic needs for children with disabilities, majority of them are not assured of even single meal per day because their very poor, not only that but also for those who come for therapy.
Wheelchairs: This year most of the wheelchairs were repaired, and some were given new since they could not be repaired, and some were modified that a child can move far without an assistance. CCBRT people came to our place for a week so we called all people with wheelchairs that they could be repaired and be given new.
Other projects pigs, chicken, goats, grinding machine, and farmers: All these are doing well because we have 60 pigs, 20 goats, 250 chickens, two cows, two calves and people come for grinding and they also buy medicines. The money we get weuse for the requirements of the centre like marketing etc. Not only that but we also eat pigs, chicken, and goats. So their helping the centre. Besides, this year we have started with an IGA Project: sunflower oil machine thanks to the support of Africa Directo. Also they support us with the annual budget.

AGRADECIMIENTO: Este proyecto se ha podido llevar a cabo gracias a la Familia R.B y a Fondos Propios. Un millón de millones de gracias a todos los que lo hacéis posible !!